Pricing, T’s & C’s

•    Lessons cater for all ages and run throughout the year including holiday periods.

Lesson Rates
•    Rates are: £30 per 1st hour, £17 per half hour. Payment is due at the start of each lesson.

(1hr30 = 30+17, 2hrs = 30+32 etc)

Lesson Times
•   Owing to demand, turning up early isn’t possible. Collecting students late impacts students waiting to come in for lessons too.
•   Lesson availability is limited, so contact me to find out the latest free slots. I may be able to accommodate if there has been an unfortunate cancellation.

Block booking
•    It’s easy! Very convenient for your peace of mind and having secured teaching slots dates. One payment to cover a number of lessons.
•   Recurring Standing Order isn’t advisable if students are likely to be absent a lot from lessons. Opt for a single payment for convenience.

Cancellation Policy
•    A 24 hour (minimum) notice is required for all cancellations. Otherwise, you forfeit your payment for that lesson. I will do my best to accommodate requests to reschedule lesson times; however, I cannot guarantee them due to my changes in schedule from week to week.
•    If I have to postpone a lesson due to a session or performance commitment, I will provide a makeup lesson within a timely manner on a day that is convenient for you.
•    Missed lessons left unpaid for will pause any further bookings until settled.