The Tutor

•    I have been playing and studying bass and guitar for over 20 Years in the studio, live and of course, for fun!
•    I am a practicing musician, not a ‘bedroom player’ and have amassed a great deal of working knowledge and experience since falling in love with the best instrument on the planet! :O)
•    My playing and work has earned me current artist endorsement deals from prestigious and respected companies too.
•    I am friendly, relaxed and focus on the fun and practical aspect of learning, not hours of theory with a blackboard and metronome!
•    I also play Electric and Acoustic Guitar too and have a real understanding of drum aptitudes and keyboard work.  To be a flexible and confident bass player is to understand the musicians around you.
•    My own personal objectives as a musician is to learn the nuances of the musical ‘language’ and to be able to express every idea and emotion as if I were speaking out loud, but through my instruments.
•    so who better a teacher and tutor to come to so that you can learn in a relaxed and fun atmosphere?